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Welcome to The NEW YOU healing centre and Training academy.

Formed in 2019 to support members of our community who may be struggling with poor mental health. Weather they need ideas on how to manage their feelings after a relationship breakdown or maybe their motivation is affected?

The NEW YOU Healing Centre knows how important having access to advice, guidance and support at the right time could possibly save a loved ones life. 

In the past year we have supported loads of members of our community who wanted to have MORE GOOD DAYS.

The NEW YOU Healing Centre is about helping individuals learn ways to cope better with mental health challenges and help our community get back into work and be able to take those steps forward to a dependable future. 

Our practitioners spends time understanding our clients physical and mental health issues. We identify the issues affecting them. Then together we create a support plan to move you forward onto a better path to live a more enjoyable future.

A visit with us is a great experience in itself, and that’s thanks to our amazing volunteers and Therapists. Our staff are welcoming and friendly, and ensure that you are pampered and looked after the second that you step into the Centre. Adrian Dobson CTAA & Candice-Jane Burger MGBT MGHT comes highly recommended, both with 13 years experience and are very skilled in delivering professional services, the best customer service and strict confidentiality.

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