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Our practitioners Adrian Dobson CTAA and Candice-Jane Burger MGHT MGBT

Offering treatments & therapies for the MIND, BODY & SOUL all under one roof.

Registered as professional with The GUILD of beauty and holistic therapists (membership number: 90383)

Our centre offers a salon / SPA experience, & holistic pain relief massage treatments.

 Awards“Bark professional”, “Three Best Rated in Wigan”, for 4 years running.

We are a certified training academy and teach everything we offer within our treatments and therapies list and so much more.

We offer workshops and seminars too.

We are all fully trained in mental health qualifications and certifications and offer a online Mental Health Support service. Follow our page named, “The NEW YOU Support Group” (on Facebook).

We host many charity events locally in order to raise money for all our Mental Health Services in Wigan.

Miss Candice-Jane Burger MGHT MGBT has a massive passion for campaigning for Mental Health in our local community as she was let down by the local NHS mental health services and now has a passion in helping others like herself who has been let down too. She has supported loads of people in our community who wanted to have moreGOOD DAYS, by helping individuals learn ways to cope better with Mental Health challenges and move forward to a brighter future. She spends time understanding any mental health issue that may be affecting a participant’s life, so that together they can create a support plan to move forward and create a more enjoyable future. Candice-Jane Burger MGHT MGBT is a Person Centered Counsellor & comes highly recommend.

We can offer you Access to finding your Spiritual self via Spiritual Unity Church for those craving something spiritual.

Our spiritual practitioner is qualified as our,

Accredited spiritual teacher, meditation teacher, spiritual life coach, NLP master practioner, EFT master practioner, past life regression practitioner, reiki master and teacher and certified professional medium.

Candice's Vision, "To take people from the dark & Lead them into the light."

Adrian's Vision, "Is to help people connect with their spiritual self in order to give them a brighter and more positive future."

The world is full of suffering & many people don't know where to begin to heal themselves.
We train ourselves to listen.
If we listen, we can hear the souls calling out for help, if you listen carefully, those suffering could be living right next door, and if you listen properly, it could be our own soul calling out for help.
If we can transform one soul at a time, we could then maybe transform our broken community into a place that is well again.

Link to Wigan’s suicide prevention campaign WIGAN NEEDS YOU

I believe that people that share this simple vision - which is to be everything God or the Universal Energies wanted us to be, filled with happiness & Peace, by sharing our past experiences, life skills, knowledge and understanding.

Personal blog : Emotionally unstable personality disorder support group

We aim to offer Love & Help to people in our community without judgement or opinion. It might sound like a tall order, but this is our vision .

Candice-Jane Burger MGHT MGBT 

Holistic Therapist 

Link to Candice-Jane Burger’s Mental Health Campaigner group

Adrian Dobson CTAA

Spiritual Practioner

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